Altitude with Attitude

Fly it. Own it.

Altitude with Attitude events are intended to create an opportunity to get a diverse group of women pilots together. We will meet new paragliding buddies, share a few laughs, be inspired by each other, learn from each other and hopefully fly too. The aim is that you will walk away from these events realising that paragliding is totally a women's sport and one that women can and should be passionate about.

Fly it. Own it. I’m adamant that every pilot must own their flying, and by this I mean they must take responsibility for every aspect of their flying - the equipment research, the weather forecasting, the gear purchase, the networking with other pilots for information, the identification and mitigation of skills gaps, the plan for the day’s flying, the retrieve plan and the debrief. This cannot be deferred to another pilot without disadvantage. I won't be doing this for you, but I'll be sharing with you how I go about this.

Paragliding is aviation and there can be no misconception that in order to fly safely, we need to take responsibility for every aspect of our sport. The good news is that learning to do this is incredibly liberating and will reveal just how capable you are of owning your flying.

See photos from Past Events for more inspiration :)

What did last year's attendees find most valuable?

"Laughing lots. Realising how easy it is to laugh and not feel like you are being watched or judged. Realising I had experiences that could be helpful for other people."

"The education / training - just from attending & participating - the knowledge / skill development happened organically. Great advice & chat with Kirsten, Phil & Stephen - from weather to tow techniques to landscapes & flat land flying. Any question or discussion was welcomed - no “set” lessons freed us all up to just to ask questions & discussions came about as they happened."

"I love the fact that we can gain experience in a supportive, fun, environment and form links with women around the country."

"The ease. The feeling of ease and fun of flying with other women. It’s not something I thought was lacking but now having done it I realise how different it is."

"Personally I like Kirsten's ‘No coddling’ style - there is a calm determined attitude/ expectation that all pilots can do this. Support was there but it was the no question that any pilots actually needed ‘hand holding’. Kirsten never showed she doubted the ability of any of the pilots there & that in itself from a respected pilot - just boosted everyone’s confidence. No one doubted themselves."

"I'll be honest, I was nervous coming into this as a) I'm usually a "genders doesn't matter" kind of person and b) I had very little experience coastal-wise and was not current. However when I saw the opportunity to fly at an awesome site with a small group of pilots I really wanted to take it up so that I wouldn't put off my visits to the coast because of my lack of confidence. In the end, I was really pleased with what I got out of it and it was a bonus that the group was full of enthusiastic women with varying levels of experience. It was great to meet everyone and hear how they each got into paragliding and how they got to where they're at. Thank you for organising, I will definitely be signing up for another one."

About the Fly-Ins

These events are run by Kirsten Seeto, with the assistance of another PG5-rated pilot. In the initial year, these events are for Women Paraglider pilots with a minimum PG2 rating. If you are a female hang glider pilot and would like to participate, and you are fully self-sufficient with your logistics and willing to fly by yourself, contact Kirsten.

No instruction takes place on these events; you must be a fully qualified pilot ready to make your own decisions about your flying. I provide the event organisation and leadership in facilitating knowledge sharing.

If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ page and then contact Kirsten if you still need assistance. See the contact section below.

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These events cannot be held for the price being offered without the financial support of our sponsors.